Macadamia Oil


Nature’s Gift to Skin

Jindilli’s Pure Macadamia Oil is sourced from our sustainably grown Australian trees. We cold-press and carefully filter our oil to preserve the skin-essential nutrients and remove the proteins. There are no detectable nut allergens in Jindilli’s oil. Enjoy your luxurious, one-ingredient solution for skin and hair.


Cleanse Remove makeup and impurities by massaging into skin and then removing with a warm cloth.

Disrupt Aging

Nurture delicate skin with this antioxidant-rich oil that disrupts aging all over your face and body.

Nourish Hair

Detangle, smooth flyaways, enrich conditioner and nourish your scalp with just a few drops of Pure Macadamia Oil.

Treat Cuticles

Soften and sooth dry cuticles.


Enjoy the silky glide of macadamia oil for soft and supple skin all over, without any smell or greasy residue.


1. Macadamia Oil

Mimics youthful sebaceous oil and replenishes essential palmitoleic acids. Skin recognizes macadamia oil and rapidly drinks it in.

2. Phytosterols

Act like cortisone to provide anti-inflammatory relief, reducing itching, redness and inflammation.

3. Linoleic Acid

Is a powerhouse ingredient that locks in your skin’s moisture.

4. Squalene

Relieves chapped and cracked skin.