Our family-owned farm is in the Northern Rivers region of Australia. This is the ancient and original home of macadamias. To ensure consistent quality we also own the shelling factory and the cold-pressing plant. In this plant we gently extract the pure macadamia oil from the nuts.

Committed to the land, we are meticulous in the care of our farms. Sustainability and eco-friendly production are critical to our process and to each of us. We ensure the plantation environment is as robust as possible. The result is rich soil yielding the richest nuts.

To achieve sustainable quality, we start with an appreciation for nature. The native Australian rainforest tree is the macadamia Integrifolia species. It has grown in the Queensland region from earliest times. It is a perfect fit with the soils, flora, fauna and climate. Blessed with humid sub-tropical weather, the trees thrive.

There is astounding bio-nutrient richness in the red Australian soils. From these soils, the trees gain essential nourishment. Over the seasons, the trees flourish, strong and healthy. Micronutrients concentrate in the nuts. The nuts surrender these nutrients in their oil. We deliver them to you in all of Jindilli’s oil, lotions and scrubs.

One major reason our skincare products are so effective is the concentration of macadamia oil. Jindilli’s products have the highest percentage of pure macadamia oil on the market. Concentration is what delivers the results.